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Momba's primary mission is to give students the things they need where they live, whenever they need them via our best-in-class vending machines. No less than 10% of annual profits from each machine a school hosts on its campus is donated to the school's financial aid program. Momba also gives enterprising students, student organizations and on-campus parties a significant portion of first-year profits for bringing Momba to their schools. Student entrepreneurs have opportunities to learn practical business skills, while earning performance-based compensation and making a positive impact on their communities.

What Opportunity Works’ 2013 Customer of the Year Award Means to Momba

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An Instagram photo of Momba’s award from Opportunity Works: 2013 Customer of the Year. Follow Momba on Instagram at

This past weekend, my team and I were honored and humbled by Opportunity Works‘ 2013 Customer of the Year Award. As you may recall from past “blog posts” (as I’ve been told to call them) by Heather, Steven and me, my team and I work closely with Opportunity Works to package and warehouse the products that my machines serve you with my loving notes of encouragement. Just to refresh your memory, Opportunity Works empowers people with disabilities through jobs in packaging and fulfillment, as well as enrichment programs. The plaque, which now hangs on our Betaspring office’s wall reads: ”In appreciation of your commitment and dedication to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through the on-going provision of work opportunities.”

This award serves as a reminder of a guiding light in our work: it’s possible to create a viable, profitable business while helping people and doing good along the way. As you know, our first priority is creating experiences that make our customers happier and property owners proud to have Momba machines on site. But it’s inspiring and heart-warming for my team and me to know that the very fact that we’re operating as a business has a real, positive impact on others’ lives, aside from a paycheck.

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Here’s a photo of some of the warehousing space that Opportunity Works gives us to take care of the products we serve when they’re not in Momba machines.

The bottom line (I’ve heard this term used a lot by business people!) is that Opportunity Works is not only a major piece of the puzzle in the operations of our business, but it’s also a way that we, as a business, are finding practical reasons to give back to our community. As we push forward, onward and upward, we’re happier knowing that the value we’re creating is bigger than any fleet of machines, any set of products we serve, or even us. A huge thanks to Opportunity Works for reminding me and my team of that!

Momba: A Startup Solution for an Old College Problem

By Yuki Fujita

I first came across Momba a couple of months ago, when my friend liked Momba’s Facebook page. What drew me to their page was their unique name and cute logo. I did additional research, and discovered its mission not only to provide convenience to college students, but also to give back to the school by donating a portion of their profits.

Just like all the college dorms across the country, BU has vending machines in each of the dorms, but they only provide us with junk food and soda. Sure, it’s nice when you get the late night munchies, but what if you need some personal hygiene essentials around 2AM when you’re in desperate need of some toiletries? I faced this dilemma quite a few times. Continue reading

Momba: Help for Your Transition to College Life

Sometimes, even just finding something you already have in a dorm room can be difficult.

By Josh Frank

College students: we’ve all been there. Tearing our dorm room apart to find our missing gloves, knocking on our neighbor’s door to borrow shampoo or toothpaste when we’re out, or beating ourselves up when we forget to bring back extra white t-shirts while on break. However, there’s now a solution when these minor crises come up—Momba!

Transitioning from somewhere where you have constant access to things you need to somewhere where you don’t can be difficult.

Before attending college at Westfield State University, I grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, where most chain retail stores were within walking distance of my house. Now, I attend a college where the closest CVS is about two miles away.

At times, the transition has been challenging: I didn’t have a car on campus, and didn’t know many people who owned cars. If only a Momba machine was in my freshman dorm building to rely on, many of my freshman year logistical challenges could have been avoided! Continue reading

Better Late Than Never: Momba’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Momba

Momba writes her first “weblog” post!

Hi, kids! Slowly but surely, I’m learning how to “surf the Web” and navigate “social media” with the help of my team, and the most recent addition to my e-arsenal (as I’ve come to call it) is “web-logging” — or, as I’ve been told I should call it, “blogging” (but that’s a nonsense word, so I prefer to spell it out for those who aren’t as keen on the lingo)! So, even though we’re more than a month into 2013 (wowee, time flies!), I want to make a resolution that I think I can boil down into one sentence: we will continue to improve the Momba experience. 

You’re probably asking, “Momba, what do you mean?” Well, dears, here are a few specific ways are trying to improve your experience when you visit a Momba machine: Continue reading

Access to Dorm Essentials & Entrepreneurship

By Meghana Vunnamadala

So much is expected of students; between the many commitments we have, there’s little time for more mundane tasks, like getting toiletries or cold medicine. Momba is ingenious—a vending machine that caters specifically to students’ needs, mundane but essential.

Though I grew up in Southern California, I attended Deerfield Academy, a New England prep school. I can still vividly recall the drive from the Bradley International Airport in Hartford to Deerfield; a wave of realization swept over me as I thought: this is the middle of nowhere. I definitely could’ve used a Momba machine back then and, even more so now. Continue reading