Introducing the First Momba Student Entrepreneurs

The Momba Student Entrepreneur Program

Momba Entrepreneurs are a vital part of our mission to improve students’ quality of life. As students, Momba Entrepreneurs work independently – with help from Momba – to learn and develop practical business skills through their efforts to shape and grow Momba’s business. The fruits of their work are making a positive impact on their communities and earning performance-based compensation.

By fostering socially-minded entrepreneurship, Momba aims to help enable a new generation of entrepreneurs who believe it’s possible to generate profit while making a positive social impact. And so, we are proud to introduce you to Momba’s first Student Entrepreneurs. As Momba Entrepreneurs, these exceptional individuals have a passion for both entrepreneurship and social good.

Michael Allen, Boston College ’15

A current student in Boston College’s Management Honors Program, Michael’s interest in startups is a product of his entrepreneurial past. In high school, Michael founded a company, led a not-for-profit that raised almost $200k, and both invested in and provided guidance to a social venture.

Beyond working to bring Momba to Boston College, Michael aims to bring Momba’s mission and machines to new places. Michael’s passion lies in helping drive Momba’s growth by empowering students with the tools they need to make Momba a lasting success. Most of all, Michael hopes to spread the value of social entrepreneurship to students across the country.

Laura Monti, Boston University ’15

Laura’s entrepreneurial mindset became apparent long before she became a student at Boston University’s School of Management. From selling lemonade to re-selling her mother’s groceries, Laura has always sought out entrepreneurial opportunities. After her freshman year at BU, Laura interned at Bullhorn, where she met Steven Duque and garnered experience in researching and cold-calling staffing agency executives in top metropolitan areas.

As a rising sophomore, Laura easily saw the value and opportunity Momba provides. Even on BU’s urban campus, Laura found it difficult to find dorm essentials at nearby stores. As a Momba Entrepreneur, Laura aims to shape and spread Momba’s brand and story among fellow Terriers and colleges in neighboring areas.

Curt Owen, University of Massachsuetts-Amherst ’15

Born in Canada (Calgary, AB), Curt crossed the border with his family when he was two years old. After settling in Massachusetts, Curt’s passion for entrepreneurship grew. At fifteen, Curt bought his first business: a small lawn-mowing company, which taught him invaluable lessons in customer service and hard work.

As a student at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Curt seeks entrepreneurial opportunities in everything he does. In addition to his studies and work as a Momba Entrepreneur, Curt competes on three NCAA Division 1 teams, to which he attribues his drive. In his free time, Curt enjoys staying current on global social issues and reading business books.

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