Access to Dorm Essentials & Entrepreneurship

By Meghana Vunnamadala

So much is expected of students; between the many commitments we have, there’s little time for more mundane tasks, like getting toiletries or cold medicine. Momba is ingenious—a vending machine that caters specifically to students’ needs, mundane but essential.

Though I grew up in Southern California, I attended Deerfield Academy, a New England prep school. I can still vividly recall the drive from the Bradley International Airport in Hartford to Deerfield; a wave of realization swept over me as I thought: this is the middle of nowhere. I definitely could’ve used a Momba machine back then and, even more so now.

When I decided to attend the small, liberal arts school Williams College, many of my family members quipped that I had landed myself back at square one, back in the middle of nowhere. Beyond the gross generalizations that Williamstown is a frozen wasteland with no industry, there lies a simple truth: it’s difficult for Williams students to access certain essential items when they need them. There are really only two commercial streets in all of Williamstown, and vendors on both streets charge exorbitantly high prices for just about anything.

Having spent four years in a rural setting for boarding school and knowing that I’ll be spending the next four years of my college experience in a similarly isolated setting, I know just how valuable a Momba vending machine can be. And, even for students who study in urban environments, Momba is still just as valuable, especially since urban life can often be more exhausting with more balls to juggle, more errands to run.

Sometime in October 2012, I was browsing and read an article about the Momba vending machines. The whole idea peaked my interest, and as I dug a little deeper, I was pleasantly surprised to find an avenue for students to become involved in bringing Momba to their respective campuses. For a student interested in entrepreneurship, it’s often difficult to find opportunities on-campus, and the opportunities that do exist are difficult to come by. Momba has made accessible not only dorm essentials, but also entrepreneurship. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Momba Student Entrepreneur team, and I can’t wait to watch Momba grow!

Meghana Vunnamadala is a Momba student entrepreneur and freshman at Williams College. Friend Meghana and Momba on Facebook, and follow Momba on Twitter. Interested in the Momba Student Entrepreneur Program? Email us at