Momba: Help for Your Transition to College Life

Sometimes, even just finding something you already have in a dorm room can be difficult.

By Josh Frank

College students: we’ve all been there. Tearing our dorm room apart to find our missing gloves, knocking on our neighbor’s door to borrow shampoo or toothpaste when we’re out, or beating ourselves up when we forget to bring back extra white t-shirts while on break. However, there’s now a solution when these minor crises come up—Momba!

Transitioning from somewhere where you have constant access to things you need to somewhere where you don’t can be difficult.

Before attending college at Westfield State University, I grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, where most chain retail stores were within walking distance of my house. Now, I attend a college where the closest CVS is about two miles away.

At times, the transition has been challenging: I didn’t have a car on campus, and didn’t know many people who owned cars. If only a Momba machine was in my freshman dorm building to rely on, many of my freshman year logistical challenges could have been avoided!

Students at WSU can give their feedback and product ideas for Momba machines using the WSU Momba Facebook Hub.

Beyond simply vending the products, Momba allows students to give direct input and feedback on their products and services. Over this past semester Momba visited our Student Government Association, asking for critiques and promotional ideas. A week later Momba took our ideas and applied them to the machines on our campus.

Momba also pledges to donate a portion of their annual profit to the financial aid programs of the universities they’re partnered with. Seeing how Momba appreciates the student body inspired me to become part of its student entrepreneur program. I’m extremely excited and proud to be a part of the Momba team, and can’t wait to represent Momba to the community of Westfield State University!

Josh Frank is a Momba student entrepreneur and sophomore at Westfield State University. Friend Josh and Momba on Facebook, and follow Momba on Twitter