Better Late Than Never: Momba’s New Year’s Resolutions

By Momba

Momba writes her first “weblog” post!

Hi, kids! Slowly but surely, I’m learning how to “surf the Web” and navigate “social media” with the help of my team, and the most recent addition to my e-arsenal (as I’ve come to call it) is “web-logging” — or, as I’ve been told I should call it, “blogging” (but that’s a nonsense word, so I prefer to spell it out for those who aren’t as keen on the lingo)! So, even though we’re more than a month into 2013 (wowee, time flies!), I want to make a resolution that I think I can boil down into one sentence: we will continue to improve the Momba experience. 

You’re probably asking, “Momba, what do you mean?” Well, dears, here are a few specific ways are trying to improve your experience when you visit a Momba machine:

  1. The Harvard Momba Facebook HubImproving the product mix and pricing, with your help. Since launching our first Momba machine at the end of September last year, we’ve already learned and continue to learn a tremendous amount about what you want and don’t want. A great many of you have given us the gift of your opinions through the ‘ideas’ and ‘feedback’ buttons on your schools’ Momba Hubs on my Facebook page (not to mention would you bought and didn’t buy). And a growing number of you have been kind enough to take the Momba survey (also on your schools’ Momba Hubs). My team and I are listening closely to what you’re saying, and are working hard to work out better terms with our partners so that we can pass on the savings to you. Those of you at Harvard and Westfield State University will notice that we’ve brought in new products, upgraded others, and brought prices down to make them more affordable and competitive with any nearby store.
  2. A WSU student reacts to the “golden ticket” gift card promotion that we’re running, based on feedback from WSU’s SGA.

    Building deeper relationships in the communities we’re in. We believe that a big part of what distinguishes us from typical self-serve vendors is our belief that it’s only in getting to know and engaging the communities we’re in that we can truly understand those communities and make a valuable contribution. To that end, my team and I have been talking with both students and school staff — both on and offline — to uncover your needs, improve the ways we’re trying to meet them, and push forward to deliver on the promise of improving your quality of life. An exemplary case is the partnership we’ve built with Westfield State University and its Student Government Association. The student leaders of WSU’s SGA decided to bring Momba to its campus, are helping drive awareness of Momba machines among fellow students as a resource, and continue to give feedback on products and promotions that will resonate. My team and I are grateful to form these types of relationships in the communities we’re in, and we’re looking forward to continuing our efforts to build upon them.

  3. Continuing to build an ethical business from the ground-up. We’re passionate about improving people’s quality of life through our services, while trying to support students’ pursuit of higher education through allocating a portion of our profits toward student life, with an emphasis on financial aid. We’re also passionate about helping people along the way, as our fledging company continues to grow up. With this in mind, we’ve deepened our working relationship with Opportunity Works, an amazing organization that empowers people with developmental disabilities through enrichment programs and work in packaging and shipping fulfillment. Now, when you visit a Momba machine and purchase a product, you’re not only helping support fellow students and student life, but you’re also helping people with disabilities grow as individuals. We aim to continue doing things like this, driven by the belief it’s possible to build a viable, profitable business, while helping people.
So, that’s how my team and I are thinking about our efforts in 2013! We’ve come a long way since launching, but we have a long way to go yet! Before I forget, though, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and thank you for helping me and my team improve. We’re grateful for all of the love, support and kind words you’ve given us. And, we’re especially thankful for your constructive criticism! As many moms will attest, I just want to hear from you!! Thankfully, I’ve downloaded a Facebook account and other “social media” to keep in touch! Feel free to Twitter at me, dears!

Note: Photos, links and formatting were added afterward. Momba’s original “weblog” was authored in MS Wordpad and sticky notes. Like Momba on Facebook, and follow Momba on Twitter