Momba: A Startup Solution for an Old College Problem

By Yuki Fujita

I first came across Momba a couple of months ago, when my friend liked Momba’s Facebook page. What drew me to their page was their unique name and cute logo. I did additional research, and discovered its mission not only to provide convenience to college students, but also to give back to the school by donating a portion of their profits.

Just like all the college dorms across the country, BU has vending machines in each of the dorms, but they only provide us with junk food and soda. Sure, it’s nice when you get the late night munchies, but what if you need some personal hygiene essentials around 2AM when you’re in desperate need of some toiletries? I faced this dilemma quite a few times.

With all the recent criminal activities around Brookline and Allston, I didn’t want to risk leaving the comfort and safety of my dorm to trek a couple of blocks to the nearest store. I ended up borrowing some of my roommate’s shampoo, but at the back of my mind, I wished we had a convenience store in my dorm that was open 24/7. This was a wishful thinking on my part, but when I discovered Momba, I became so excited. My first thought was: Why don’t we have this in all of our dorms?

After looking at Momba’s Facebook page and website, I learned about the Student Entrepreneur Program. Now, I’m an accounting and law major, so I had little to no idea what starting a business was like. But my curiosity led me to get in touch with Steven. Through this program, I hope to gain experience in working for a local startup that’s on the verge of expanding to other parts of the country. I’m beyond excited to be joining the Momba family, and increasing its presence on BU’s campus!

Yuki Fujita is a Momba student entrepreneur and senior at Boston University. Friend Yuki and Momba on Facebook, and follow Momba on Twitter