Student Entrepreneurship as a Pillar of Higher Education

By Michael Allen

Countless words are written every year about the college experience. From rising costs to new fads, institutions of higher learning are a unique gathering of young, bright, exploratory individuals, unlike anything or anywhere else in our society. Translated into business terms: a gold mine.

But after one year of college, I’ve been attacked with more coupon books, daily deals, and big box college shopping spree nights than I can bear to stand. What the traditional “college kid-targeted” business proposition fails to do is bring any actual improvement to students’ lives. Momba, however, is different, and that’s what drew me to working with the Momba team to help bring her mission to campuses across the country.

At her core, Momba is all about spreading opportunities to students, a refreshingly new idea for a product aimed at university students. While there’s the obvious of making dorm essentials more conveniently available to students (and quality of life improvements that come along with that), Momba separates herself from the pack by offering so much more.

For one thing, Momba’s commitment to support host schools’ financial aid programs with her profits is an awesome way to improve student life by making higher education more accessible. For me, though, spreading the power of entrepreneurship to students across the country is her most meaningful added value to a campus.

Entrepreneurship has been a pillar of my education—a pillar largely erected outside the classroom. Working on my own projects and reporting to the harshest critic of all – myself  – is an empowering and motivating exercise. Armed with the confidence of success, and hardened by the lessons of defeat, entrepreneurship has given me a unique toolkit to apply to my academic work.

Working with Momba empowers me to spread this message, a duty that I believe is imperative to the success of my generation. The more entrepreneurs we can create, the more great ideas out there from which we all benefit. And so, it’s my goal to bring Momba to Boston College and other campuses; I hope to help other students succeed and watch them transform into ass-kicking entrepreneurs.

The future of the college market isn’t a continuation of the status quo of exploitation; rather, it’s fostering a relationship with us college kids through extending our education and opportunity.  Momba is founded on this new understanding, and that’s exactly why I’m delighted to be a part of this exciting new venture.

Michael Allen is a Momba student entrepreneur and sophomore honors student at the Boston College Carroll School of Management. Connect with Michael Allen and Momba on Facebook. Follow Momba on Twitter