With a Little Help from Our Friends: Drockic.kr + Momba Hackday

By Steven Duque

Team Dropkic.kr: James Lovatt & Matt Gibb

Team Dropkic.kr (from left to right: James Lovatt & Matt Gibb) at the Plum Island Coffee Roasters, helping Momba with some of their magic. We’re lucky to have such great friends!

As I mentioned in a past blog post, we’ve been lucky to be a part of Betaspring‘s Fall ’13 cohort — a motley, talented group of individuals from around the globe who have made Providence, Rhode Island, our home to accelerate our startups. After working in a vacuum this past year, it’s been both exhilarating and inspiring to be surrounded by so many passionate people, and I’m happy to say that among those people are Team Dropkic.kr – James Lovatt and Matt Gibb – who we’re also proud to count among our friends.

Dropkic.kr + Momba = Love

As a startup, it’s heart-warming to know that others who are on similar but different journeys can help each other out. A huge thanks to Team Dropkickr.

This weekend James and Matt have lent their talents to Momba, helping us build upon the technology that enables us to make better operational decisions through visualization and analysis of the data we collect from Momba machines. Both of these fine gents hail from across the pond, and met while studying at Oxford. Their company, Dropkic.kr, helps people discover new projects they love across the plethora of crowd-funding sites, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and learns what to recommend based on their interests and engagement. It’s live now — check it out!

Today has been a great reminder that on our journey forward, we can always use a little help from our friends.

Momba: A Startup Solution for an Old College Problem

By Yuki Fujita

I first came across Momba a couple of months ago, when my friend liked Momba’s Facebook page. What drew me to their page was their unique name and cute logo. I did additional research, and discovered its mission not only to provide convenience to college students, but also to give back to the school by donating a portion of their profits.

Just like all the college dorms across the country, BU has vending machines in each of the dorms, but they only provide us with junk food and soda. Sure, it’s nice when you get the late night munchies, but what if you need some personal hygiene essentials around 2AM when you’re in desperate need of some toiletries? I faced this dilemma quite a few times. Continue reading